Cavas De Gaucho

Our passion for the wines of Argentina is second to none. Not content with the offer of over 150 wines to our restaurant customers, we have extended our love of Argentine wine for our customers to take home and enjoy.

The diversity of these wines in terms of style and Terroir is breathtaking, and has yet to be explored under one roof – until now. The breadth of wines from Argentina available in the UK is limited to sections within a few specialist wine shops. We felt that the choice available is not representative of the fact that Argentina is the fifth largest and one of the finest wine producers in the World.

Our Wine Boutique, Cavas de Gaucho on Swallow St, Piccadilly holds a wine list reflecting the regional diversity covering an area of 2000 km, from Salta in the North through to Patagonia in the South. And from 22 degrees to 42 degrees latitude and rising to altitudes of 300 to 3000 metres above sea level.

Argentina is a land of extremes, being home to the world’s highest vineyards and one of the most southerly wine producing territories in the world. This unique blend of factors provides the platform for some of the most exciting and interesting wines available, in that they have genuine character. It is this character that we are proud to hold and explore with you. In a world where wine is increasingly seen as a branded commodity, we wanted to show how these wines reflect the Selección 'G', culture and passion so evident in Argentine life.

As day turns into night, the boutique is available for ‘specialist’ wine dinners and events. We offer a completely bespoke Argentine wine and food experience, from a tutored educational journey through the wines of Argentina to a special celebration. Our Sommeliers will host the night to advise and educate throughout your evening.

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