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28th February 2011

Gaucho Smithfield

Gaucho Smithfield

Winning me over isn't difficult. Where dinner is concerned, keeping things straightforward is usually a good idea. Although I love fine dining, French food, Japanese food, Italian food...In fact, any type of food you care to mention, my perfect evening meal requires not much else other than a fantastic piece of steak and some good red wine.

That said, if my bovine fix isn't cooked to perfection, i can end up being very disappointed. Fortunately there are a growing number of excellent steak houses in London, and the Argentine restaurant chain, Gaucho, is at the forefront.  Not so long ago there was only one or two slick steakhouses in town, but such has been popularity that there is now approaching 20 outlets in the UK. Good news for me, because I know I'll always get a good meal at gaucho.

Our recent visit to the Smithfield branch was no exception. We started off with some light seafood based starters - always a good idea before getting stuck into some of Argentina's finest. A delicate ‘picked crab' dish with truffle potato and quail's eggs, and a light mango and scallop salad, both proved the perfect precursor to the meat feast which soon followed.

You have the choice of a broad range of cuts at Gaucho, from sirloin and ribeye to top side of rump, not to mention many other dishes too. However, my favourite are the ‘churrasco' marinated cuts that are packed with ‘soaked in' flavour. Needless to say the steak was fantastic, as were the chips, the large glass of Malbec, and also the sides - especially the ‘humitas', which is basically mashed up sweetcorn. Sounds rubbish, tastes fantastic. Seriously, try it.

Gaucho is certainly notch the cheapest, but then it seems that in the modern world we have to pay a little bit more to get good ingredients, cooked in an uncomplicated manner. There aren't many better ways to celebrate with your Valentine than over a top notch steak dinner or lunch. So many times we over look the simplest  things in life when they offer the best solution.