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6th August 2008

Executive Traveller magazine

Executive Traveller magazine

Argentinean restaurant Gaucho’s Head Sommelier and wine buyer, Phil Crozier, has chosen another single grape variety wine to compare with Torrontes for each Ceviche.

If you are not familiar with Ceviche or Torrontes, you will not be disappointed to learn that even though the wine is said to have originated from Spain, it is considered to be a truly Argentinean grape variety. As for the Ceviche, it is seafood, marinated in citrus juices – orange, lemon or lime, and served with chilli and coriander.

It appears that in Peru, they serve it with cold potato or corn and the Ecuadoreans serve it popcorn while the Mexicans who prefer to spell “Seviche” serve it with tortilla. The good thing about eating Ceviche is that they qualify as ‘healthy eating”. Read the rest of this article