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2nd January 2008

Reach Restaurant reviews

Clare Lynch visits La Lanterna and Amanda Ramsey dines at Gaucho.
Steak is back in Vogue and Gaucho is making Argentine cow the animal to die for at their newly opened Tower Bridge restaurant on the South Bank. Its a good job I really don’t buy into the whole red meat is bad for you story as, combined with the diverse wine list, this place makes moderation impossible.

Having said that, the substantial a la carte menu with vegetarian choices – astoundingly as Gaucho is meat heaven – is very tempting.

With views famed by Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the elegant modern architecture of More London, Gaucho Tower Bridge is the ideal restaurant setting for a post-work drink, client dinner or a relaxing Sunday brunch. I had a Granita-stlye dinner meeting at Gaucho City (circa 1994) with a political figure and the moody, dark bar was discreet and the service second to none.

Rather than bust a gut to describe the food, just take it from me Gaucho serves some of the best steak in town. A butler knife is all you need to feed yourself the flesh is so tender, and the finest flavoured butlers are served as accompaniment. Meanwhile, the amuse bouche ceviches are to die for. For fish lovers there is lobster and for non-carnivores the butternut squash risotto finished with parmesan, rocket and mascarpone will leave you gagging for more.

Of particular interest for Gaucho aficionados will no doubt be the gorgeous fine and rare Argentine wines. But don’t settle for little old me telling you about them – make the most of the sommelier service as I did where different grapes are introduced with dramatic friendly humour.