The Wine

The world’s fifth largest producer of wine, Argentina only exports some 25 per cent of its output. The Argentines hog most of it for themselves. Once you’ve tried a drop you’ll see why. Argentine wines are stunning.

Shuffle any combination of grape variety, soil, climate, altitude and aspect, and you’ll find it in Argentina. The complex amalgam of these variables is known as Terruño or terroir. Argentine wines are a lexicon of superlatives. Highest. Sunniest. Least polluted. Most southerly. Ripest. What they mostly are is delicious, and available in a broad spectrum of styles that appeal to adventurous wine makers. The relatively small export market is excellent news for wine lovers. It means that Argentine producers have not yet prostituted themselves to the taste-it-by-numbers palates of mass market buyers, but instead are proud upholders of local Terruño.