The Music

Cultural renaissance has inspired a revival of the Tango, whose strains and lyrics express the loss, sadness and nostalgia of the émigré - and of the man never getting the girl. This revival has spread to other regional styles too.

A fiendishly difficult dance to master, the Tango is all about getting the rhythm right and moving your legs correctly. There are plenty Tango classes, clinics and dedicated 24-hour television channels to help, while contemporary artists, like Bajo Fondo Tango Club and Cristóbal Repetto are adding a contemporary twist. You will often hear the plangent tones of Carlos Gardel crackling from old gramophones. Gardel, who died in 1935, embodied the soul of Tango and is hailed an Argentine icon, even though born either in Uruguay or France. Besides Tango, listen out for regional musical styles: Chamane from the North East; Baguala from the North; Zamba from Salta near Bolivia; Chacarera, a folkdance from the North West; Gato, a variation of Chacaerea; and Kaami o Malambo Patagonico and Chorrillera from the South.